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Spring Greetings from Play Buddy!

NEW! Phlinx 2 Buddy for Pogo's Phlinx II!

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new downloads

Here you will find the past year's new releases from Play Buddy Software:

- Cookie Buddy (for Pogo's Cookie Connect) released: 3/14/2017

- Story Buddy (for Pogo's StoryQuest) released: 2/7/2017

- Pop Bingo Buddy (for Pogo's Poppit! Bingo) released: 12/6/2016

- Spade Buddy (for Facebook's Spades Plus) released: 5/31/2016

- Findo Buddy (for Pogo's Find-O-Vision) released: 5/25/2016

- Pyramid Sol Buddy (for Pogo's Pyramid Solitaire) released: 5/5/2016

- Payday Poker Buddy (for Pogo's Payday Poker) released: 3/17/2016

- Sol Gardens Buddy (for Pogo's Solitaire Gardens) released: 3/8/2016

- Monkey Gems Buddy (for Pogo's Monkey Gems) released: 12/1/2015

- PegLand Buddy (for Pogo's PegLand) released: 11/17/2015

- Merge Buddy (for Pogo's Match & Merge) released: 10/12/2015

- Sparks Buddy (for Pogo's Sparks) released: 9/9/2015

- Space Hunt Buddy (for Pogo's Space Hunt) released: 7/15/2015

- Peggle Slots Buddy (for Pogo's Peggle Slots) released: 7/14/2015

- Tumble Tiles Buddy (for Pogo's Tumble Tiles) released: 6/30/2015

- Heart Buddy (for PlayOK's Hearts) released: 6/16/2015

- Chuzzle Slots Buddy (for Pogo's Chuzzle Slots) released: 6/10/2015

- Bejeweled 2 Slots Buddy (for Pogo's Bejeweled 2 Slots) released: 4/9/2015

- Spade Buddy (for PlayOK's Spades) released: 3/31/2015

- Zooma Slot Buddy (for Pogo's Zuma Slots) released: 3/4/2015

- MahjEsc Buddy (for Pogo's Mahjong Escape) released: 12/2/2014

- Candy Crush Buddy (for Facebook & King's Candy Crush) released: 6/2/2014

- Biggest Brain Buddy (for Pogo's Who has the Biggest Brain) released: 12/31/2013

- Bridge Buddy (for Pogo's Bridge) released: 12/27/2013

- Snood Buddy (for Pogo's Snood) released: 12/12/2013

- Cirque Buddy (for Pogo's Cirque du Flea) released: 12/9/2013

- Yahtzy Buddy (for Pogo's Yahtzee) released: 12/4/2013

- Jigsaw Detect Buddy (for Pogo's Jigsaw Detective) released: 11/26/2013

- Battle Phlinx Buddy (for Pogo's Battle Phlinx) released: 11/15/2013

- Undiscovered Buddy (for Pogo's Undiscovered World) released: 11/6/2013

- Trizzle Buddy (for Pogo's Trizzle) released: 9/26/2013

- Risk Buddy (for Pogo's RISK) released: 9/3/2013

- Slingo Blast Buddy (for Pogo's Slingo Blast) released: 7/12/2013

- Shuffle Buddy (for Pogo's Shuffle Bump) released: 7/8/2013

- Sherlock Buddy (for Pogo's Sherlock Holmes) released: 5/30/2013

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