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Fall Greetings from Play Buddy!

NEW! Jewel Academy & Jet Set Buddy for Pogo! Available via the Play Buddy App.

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Play Buddy offers game cheats and including pool aimers, card counting software, word finders and more.

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As of April 4, 2017 here's what's new / going on at Play Buddy: 


Happy Spring Greetings everybuddy! It's been awhile since we've touched base, but - as always - activity behind the scenes continues. But more about that later.

In February we had another EA Game Card giveaway - congrats to the winners! We love and appreciate our Play Buddy Family and it's our pleasure hosting giveaways for y'all.  That being said, there are more to come so stay tuned.

A bit of important newsletter FYI. With the success of the Play Buddy App and its ability to showcase announcements, badges, updates, etc., the Play Buddy Newsletter is altering its publications from monthly to quarterly. But don't worry - you won't miss a thing with THE Play Buddy at your fingertips, and as usual the newsletter will be certain to highlight all the prior quarter's goings-ons.         

Updated Buddies 

The updated buddies page is no longer listing updates but many an update has been happening and have been conveniently listed on THE Play Buddy. So instead of being prompted of an update and then having to click the link, load a webpage, and browse through update notes, users now immediately see at a glance what has been updated - and the associated update notes - at any given time. That being said, we'll keep the page around for a little longer on the website but shall discontinue this section in the newsletter hereafter.

Newest Buddies

Cookie Buddy and Story Buddy for Pogo's Cookie Connect and Story Quest now grace the newest buddies page. Welcome additions to the ever growing PB collection!

Coming Soonish

Improve existing Buddies - All Gamesites (updates)
(Bug fixes, improvements, and customer requests)

Pop Party Buddy - Pogo (new)

Phlinx 2 Buddy - Pogo (new)

Pinochle Buddy - PlayOK (new)

That is all for now. If you have questions, concerns, commentary, suggestions, or any Play Buddy related ideas what-so-ever don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Play Buddy!

As of January 3, 2017 here's what's happening at Play Buddy: 


HAPPY NEW YEAR! And "new" is the theme at Play Buddy this month. There's a lot of news and we've kept you in suspense long enough, so let's jump right in.

First and foremost, we are super excited to announce THE Play Buddy. We've consolidated all the Buddies into a single application, making it easier than ever to manage all Play Buddy has to offer. Want to download a Buddy? Want to update a Buddy? Want to use a Buddy? Now you can do it all in one handy-dandy place!

If you're an existing customer that has umpteen Buddies installed, now is the perfect time to download THE Play Buddy application because of its convenient 'Update All' option. Why is this particularly convenient right now? Well, our mass update of course (updating over 100 autos has never been easier with the Play Buddy app)!

Now, as exciting as our new Play Buddy application is, we're pretty darn excited about this year's mass update too. We've made some fantastic modifications to simplify and improve your Buddy experience (especially the first one!). Here's the detailed list:

  • Digitally signed (verified publisher) resulting in:

  • Windows Verified Publisher alerts and

  • Elimination of antivirus false positives

  • Simplified purchase options

  • Left-hand mouse compatible

  • Fixed a random stopping bug

  • Clarified registration failed message

  • Rank is now displayed as an image in rank-tracking Buddies

  • Implemented Pogo 'refresh' button recognition and click routine

  • Word Buddies no longer overwrite the dictionary file when updating

  • Added new message for registered users who encounter server connection issues

And it doesn't stop there (we've been very busy on the back end these past few months!)! Other new improvements - albeit not associated with the mass update - worthy of note are:

  • Completely modified homepage

  • Clue Buddy now knows ALL episodes

  • Website visitors now browse ad-free

  • Purchase pages have been simplified

  • All download buttons download the Play Buddy application

Now that about sums it up.  2016 was certainly a busy year; at a glance we released 7 new Buddies, performed 86 updates, and collected over 300 HOG episodes.  We're looking forward to continuing to grow and improve for you in 2017.

Updated Buddies 

There were only a few updated buddies in December, not counting the current mass update.

Newest Buddies

The newest buddies page lists the newest addition to our Pogo Buddy collection: Pop Bingo Buddy!     

Coming Soonish

Improve Existing Buddies - Pogo (updates)

That is all for now. If you have questions, concerns, commentary, suggestions, or any Play Buddy related ideas what-so-ever don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Play Buddy!

As of December 1, 2016 here's what's happening at Play Buddy: 


'Tis the season already (where does the time go?!). We wish safe and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours from us and ours!

And being reminded of the holiday spirit reminds me of some giveaway prizes we need to send out. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to our giveaway winners! If you weren't one of the lucky ducks this time, don't worry - there will be more giveaway opportunities in the future. Speaking of the future, a new year is nearly upon us...

As many of you are aware, the end of the year is a very busy time here at PB as we prepare the annual mass update of all the Buddies. This year's mass update will showcase quite a few changes, a significant security improvement, and a couple common bug fixes. As usual, a complete and detailed list of the changes will be provided in the January newsletter in conjunction with the mass update release.

January 1 will also be the start of our new pricing model: a flat $9.99 price.  So whether you want to use every Buddy via our monthly subscription, or only a single Buddy (or two) for a year, the new price will be $9.99.  Yup, that means a price decrease for some customers, as our $29.99 Pool Buddy and $19.99 card counters/complex bots pricing will be reduced.   

In addition to all these changes, the 'significant, exciting, positive changes' mentioned last month are still to come! But what fun would it be if we spoiled all of the surprises? January is going to be a very exciting month indeed!

Updated Buddies

The updated buddies page lists quite a handful of badge option additions made to November's badge challenge Buddies (wahoo!).

Newest Buddies

The newest buddies page remains unchanged (but not for long!).

Coming Soonish...

MASS UPDATE - All game sites (updates)
(Annual bug fixes, improvements)

Pop Bingo Buddy - Pogo (new)

That is all for now. If you have questions, concerns, commentary, suggestions, or any Play Buddy related ideas what-so-ever don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Play Buddy!

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