What is the Play Buddy App?

Play Buddy is a free app that gives access to ALL our products. That means tons of Buddies for popular game sites including Facebook games, PlayOK games, Pogo games, and King games. Follow this link if you're interested in reading more about us.

Who should download the Play Buddy App?

Anyone who plays on Pogo, King, Facebook, or PlayOK! The free Play Buddy App is the gateway to all Play Buddy products - free-to-try helpers for your favorite games.

Why should I use it?

The Play Buddy App is safe, trusted, fun, and free! It conveniently provides all of our Buddies in one place: helpful software programs that do NOT hack, and are free to try for 7 days. Unlike illegal or account-banning 'bots', Buddies appear along side the game and act like a friend would: showing or playing hints when requested, and playing the game automatically (autoplay) when needed. Watch this video tutorial about the Play Buddy App to learn more. Once installed, users can:

  • Access any/all of our free-to-try Buddies
  • Quickly access already-installed Buddies
  • Create a 'Favorites' list
  • Be instantly informed of new and updated Buddies
  • Receive news alerts (i.e. important announcements and giveaways)
  • Easily access their online account, and so much more.