Bottom line: Your information is safe with us.

Play Buddy is dedicated to maintaining your privacy which is why we do not sell, trade, or provide any of your contact information to anyone. It is confidential information used soley by us to help you with any issues or inquiries, or to send you information that you have signed up to receive (such as our newsletter or a prize from a giveaway).

  • No spammer will get your e-mail address from us.

  • No junk mailer will get your postal address from us.

  • No phone solicitors will get your phone number from us.

How will we use your information? We will reply to you if you contact us with a question or require assistance, or if you have placed an order and there is a issue processing it. We communicate only via e-mail even in these cases. We will never mail, call, or e-mail you solicitations.

We may use your e-mail address to notify you about Terms of Service changes or price increases. We will use your e-mail address to send our newsletter if you signed up to it. If you have any questions, about this privacy statement or anything else, please let us know.